An Intellectual Gulag

There’s a sense of romanticism that I find lacking in school. Some lack of camaraderie amongst peers I suppose. Some absence of chutzpah carried by those unfettered by the shackles of experience and good taste. Yes, here it is. It’s this very passiveness that pervades the collective will of my fellow classmates that demeans them. Look at Chang. How he unwittingly laps knowledge from our so called ‘teacher’s’ hands, never, even for a moment considering how it might be poisoned. Like a dog and his owner. A prisoner and his guard. The lowly wage-slave and the marauding capitalist. I would tear my gaze away from this pitiful scene, but I am ensnared by an emotional obligation to my parent figures, who like all upstanding citizens, are ensnared by legal obligation to our bureaucratic overlords. So I watch helplessly. Glimpsing from my 3×2 ft desk at the impossibilities that lie just beyond this class of slaves. Schools are windowless prisons built on the summit of the grandest, snowiest peak in Yosemite. What beauty enshrouds them! How rare the climate! Yet we suffer and we starve and we see no glorious views from the highest of peaks! We are endlessly pitted against one another in a brawl for collective recognition of some spectral other. We are ground to meat and analyzed and sorted and shipped to god knows where to be analyzed and sorted and shipped and analyzed and IT’S MADNESS!

Odd. There’s a slight tingling in the back of my neck. It’s calming. Chang looks back at me and smiles and I smile too. There’s a beauty to it all. Really, it’s all so beautiful.

Module 16/Update/Concerning 11:24:00:10:24:AM

Specimen #11485311 (Age:17, Batch: 103) was undergoing routine conditioning when his liability coefficient exceeded the designated minimum for his parameter class. LASSIE was automatically notified and ran an emergency debugging program in order to stabilize the subject. This is the first known case of low fidelity among Batch 103. We are currently expanding our review to other subjects within the batch to test for systematic errors in processing. Recycling units have but put on standby.

-APO Risk Officer



(Story by Raymond Lew)

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